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Bernd Wehner, Objects, exhibition catalog with texts by Astrid Guderian and Susanne Meier-Faust, Freiburg, Germany 2007

Leo Mülfarth, Little Lexicon of Karlsruher Artists. Karlsruhe, Germany 1987

Querschnitt ’83, Gallery, sculptures, objects, activities, exhibition catalog of the 'Landeskunstwoche 1983', syndicate Freiburger Galerie (IFG) and cultural office of the city of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany 1983

Index of Artists, Baden-Wuertemberg 1982, Vol. V, Regierungsbezirk Freiburg, Stuttgart, Germany 1982

Günther Wirth, art in the German Southwest from 1945 to the present, Stuttgart, Germany 1982

Les Novelle Litteraires, Paris 1975. Art Press. Paris, France 1976

Bernd Wehner, landscapes and spaces, exhibition catalogue with text by Astrid Guderian, Gallery Medici, Solothurn, Switzerland 1975

Download below Bernd Wehner's catalogue 'in unsecured mode'

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