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The artist's life

Political art

Born in Silesia in 1943, Wehner is a war child. And has not forgotten. Through his own clear vision as an artist, he has always been ahead of sensational news. With his art, which also could be called political in the best sense as unaffected and form-conscious but never missionary; he reacts to a world he coherently perceives as ever changing between war- tornness and security intoxication. Year after year, decade after decade.


The artist's persistent subject of appearance and existence is being expressed in purely tranquil clearness by contemporary means.


1943 born in Steffansgrund (Silesia)

1960 - 63 Apprenticeship as a graphic designer and decorator

1963 - 67 Completed studies in Arts & Crafts at the Werkkunstschule Augsburg, Germany

1967 - 69 Stage assistant, State Opera Munich and Bavarian Television,

Exchange stage assistances in Venice and Bologna, Italy

1968 - 73 Degree at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Germany

1973 - 86 Freelance Artist

1986 - 96 No artistic activities

1996/98 Beginning of the new artistic work

Bernd Wehner lives and works in Freiburg I'm Breisgau, Germany since 1967 

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